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Lover of the Light
Hey! I'm Scott! I love taking photos. Photography has been and will always be a part of my life. Since a kid, I would play with disposable cameras, and taking candid photos of my family.
I left photography while I was growing up but my love for the craft returned around late high school because of the influence from my friends. By then I would shoot with any camera available at hand; p&s, phone, ipod, and now the hard-earned, sought-after, and very own dslr. Finally! haha
I really enjoy Street / Reportage / Documentary photography a lot! In contrast, I also like Portraiture. From there, my love of taking portraits stems to Fashion, Lifestyle, and Editorial styles. Apart from these, I enjoy the other genres, but nothing compares to the feeling when I'm shooting those mentioned above.
I am open to collaborations, conceptual, portfolio, advertising & commercial work. If you are interested in working with me drop me a message or email.

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She screams to be hugged

Saturday morning. The taste of beer and vodka that we drowned ourselves last night still lingers in my mouth. With eyes closed, I turned myself over to the right side of our bed. My eyes took a glimpse of her as they lazily open their lids.
Her brown highlights that ran down through her hair shined as if a pair of spotlights were focused down to her. She squinted to see what made her woke up.
I sensed that she also had that aftertaste of liquor from the way she smiled. I moved closer and kissed her. Not minding any of that alcohol taste, she kissed back. Holding her nape, I brushed my fingers that are still with remains of a cigarette smell through her lustrous morning hair.
Her sweet passionate kiss was all I ever needed that morning. And her that I will always hold on to.
I would not like it to happen if one day I’ll turn myself over towards her side and all I’ll ever see is a pillow and a blank space.

(img via savedbygrace)