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Lover of the Light
Hey! I'm Scott! I love taking photos. Photography has been and will always be a part of my life. Since a kid, I would play with disposable cameras, and taking candid photos of my family.
I left photography while I was growing up but my love for the craft returned around late high school because of the influence from my friends. By then I would shoot with any camera available at hand; p&s, phone, ipod, and now the hard-earned, sought-after, and very own dslr. Finally! haha
I really enjoy Street / Reportage / Documentary photography a lot! In contrast, I also like Portraiture. From there, my love of taking portraits stems to Fashion, Lifestyle, and Editorial styles. Apart from these, I enjoy the other genres, but nothing compares to the feeling when I'm shooting those mentioned above.
I am open to collaborations, conceptual, portfolio, advertising & commercial work. If you are interested in working with me drop me a message or email.

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Overhead | Taken at the Sinulog 2014 Fluvial Parade


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Island-hopping season


It’s that season when it’s perfect to go on an island-hopping trip!

Hop on a sakayan and enjoy the calm waves, sunny f/16, tan lines, a pair of sunnies, food and drinks on board, salty sea breeze, sand in the hair, and sand bars!


Puera bisita!


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Nike-sponsored bangkero





Snorkeling. Get your bread crumbs ready..



Tequila, dili ma-absent!


Shoot sa ta



If you haven’t been on an island-hopping trip lately, call up your friends and plan one now! It’s still half-way through the last month of the summer season. There’s still time to enjoy the sun before the rainy months kicks in.

We recently got a bike and it’s been years since I last rode one.
So, I made a video. :) 

Music is by The Beach Boys

Today, Emily and I broke in to the airport’s wire fences. We only entered on the side far from the airport buildings and planes.
We were surrounded by green uncut grass, two broken 1960s practice planes and the deep blue sky with a trace from a fighter jet who just passed by.
Both of us really enjoyed the open field and the cool breeze that accompanied it. We jumped, played, kissed, screamed and danced with the music of roaring engines.
Clouds were only few on that day and the sun was just behind them. We stayed for a while to wait for the sun to set. This will be another memory.

(img via jandp)

may 13,2010(thur.) project 130/365
the dusk sky is colored orange that day

apr.1,2010(thur.) project 88/365

Today is Maundy Thursday or MONDAY THURSDAY, the way i want to call it. hehe
I greeted the morning sky through the dusty window glass and underneath the curtain. It’s already past 8am and i missed waking up at 5 for jogging.

I’m looking forward for the local channels’ movie marathons since we don’t have a cable subscription.
And everyone is going to Boracay, Bantayan, or just at their province to reflect and at the same time have fun.
I feel jealous already.. amf.

also, happy April fool’s guys..merry pranking!

viva pit señor!
though this photo doesn’t involve the occasion..
nag dag-om gihapon ang langit mao wa ko nilakaw ug kai gitapulan ko.

i shot the sky and it’s still not clearing up.
.. i ran out of things to shoot. aaand since I’m in school tomorrow, hopefully i can show you the other side of my life..student life that is.